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InnovConstruction AFRIK: Specialists in concrete work and all types of residential, commercial and public construction works.

Who are we ?

InnovConstruction AFRIK is a young company created in 2016. In accordance with the laws in force in Niger, it has received certification for the 3rd category. The company's headquarters and equipment stock are located in Niamey 2000.
Although the company is young, InnovConstruction AFRIK has been able to carry out major works for the Ministry of Defence. It includes among other things the construction of six hangars for planes delivered to Diffa and Zinder by the air force.
We are also active in the market for the construction and enhancement of high-end villas. We have acquired new equipment allowing us to play a leading role in the field of concrete.

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InnovConstruction AFRIK does not rely on government contracts only. Our activities cover a wide range of fields and we also work with the private sector, NGOs and other institutions.

Our strength: A young and dynamic team combined with new, state-of-the-art equipment.

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  • Our Services

    InnovConstruction AFRIK designs new houses, swimming pools, and carries out extension and renovation projects on existing villas.

    We are committed to making your commercial construction project a success.

    Putting our know-how to your service. Public works; we make it our business.

    We carry out all your residential renovation projects.

    For the retrofitting, modification and configuration of your commercial buildings, turn to InnovConstruction AFRIK.